Five ways to improve your local search

You know search engine optimization of your website is very important, but you know you can optimize local search – your own? Yes! You can do it! Here are our five tips. If your business is only a local product or service professional, it certainly makes sense for you to try and the highest possible rankings when someone searches for your industry directory. Try these simple steps …

A. Register your business listed on Google

You have a Google local listing? If you do this, this is a good start – but you still need to make sure that you are its master. Claims ranking, Google in Google Maps. Once you find a listing entitled “owner” of the right of the blue hyperlink click.

Use an existing Gmail e-mail address or that you created for your business, ask your listings. If there is no listing for your business to Google local cruise started. The more complete your account, the better. Add photos, videos, product information, services provided, industry information, the operating time – everything we can. Once your account Google’s place is complete, and submit it to Google, you will receive a unique pin, and then you enter into Google to confirm that the listing of postcards in the mail. It sounds a bit complicated, but Google makes it very simple.

Two. Ensure that the content of your site that refers to your position

Make sure that your description, you sell products or services of the city, before you provide them! This seems very simple, but it is often overlooked. A simple way to do so in the heading, “gluten-free baking in Edmonton, Alberta.” Content “we bake gluten-free cakes, cookies, biscuits and bread. Located angstrom one of the best streets in the center of downtown Edmonton, we only use a completely gluten-free baking the freshest ingredients. We focus on potatoes and rice flour, convenient delicious located in the capital city of Alberta in honor of “When you want to make sure to reference along your city, your products / services, Google to crawl your site and saw two. This trick is you do not stuff your content with keywords or locations; your content, meaning, or you can be punished.

3. Your address and telephone number in the footer of your site

Verifiable address and phone number on your site, increase the integrity of your algorithm with the Google robot. Reference your local address on each page truly reflects Google is your business, you are actually a real business.

4. Consistency of the name, address, phone number (NAP)

To ensure that your company’s name, address and telephone number shows in every single Web site, directory, link consistency. If your name is Betty floor of the gluten-free bread, you need to make sure that you always use the full-Ming Beidi floor gluten-free bread every time you display your company name on the Internet. Like Betty House, gluten free or Betty Lou bakery any changes will only weaken your search results. The same is true for your address; commitment to display your e-mail address, only one-way. When it comes to your phone number, the natural tendency is to publish your 800 number in the most conspicuous place; However, if your local telephone number posted on the logo for information about your business more quickly.

5 Comment

Search Kirin local. Comment on the link building, and to act in a similar manner. Legitimate comments that Google, the scene of people are using your services and buy your product. Even better, a critic, not only from the alliance of the site link suggestions. Encourage your customers to review Google’s place as review site Yelp and Number: your business – do not forget to review site specific industries, like Urbanspoon,. Just want to place with Google, you will want to verify all your list of companies to ensure that the owners, so you can respond to comments, post pictures and provide relevant news and update your existing and potential customers.

And you have it – five relatively fast techniques to better help your business rank local Let us know if these tips to make your business unique!


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