India Asia’s largest modular kitchen

CUCINE lubricants in India Italian modular kitchen company recently opened in New Delhi India Asia’s largest modular kitchen studio. Distribution at 30000 square feet more than 22 live kitchen studio. By Italian design software customers can get a three-dimensional view of the kitchen. To commemorate the launch CUCINE lubricants provide all kitchen countertops and equipment in the form free gifts discount of 32.75%. This offer is valid from January 6 to February 15 2013 CUCINE lubricants new showroom and studio in India.

CUCINE lubricants Managing Director India said “The most important way in the new year has begun we hope to achieve more milestones in the coming months is very proud really is CUCINE lubricant India Asia’s largest modular kitchen showroom ideas and create modular kitchen proved to be the most preferred choice today every housewife. atmosphere of our efforts to provide services to our customers. humane luxury comfort and aesthetic value. Incidentally all of these features is also true for our modular kitchen design.

“CUCINE lubricant India national design director said:” to share with our customers our trust and comfort inspire me and my design team to come up with some creative mode seamless integration to any Indian kitchen regardless of the available space. Modular kitchen design your kitchen transformed into a comfortable living space from an ordinary room. ‘



  1. samirashafir · · Reply

    you want to create a truly stylish kitchen, then the possibilities are almost endless with this up to the minute and trend setting design log

  2. There are quiet a few modular kitchen brands in India.

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