DHL launched the CO2 Reporting Services

DHL two new carbon emissions reporting services – DHL GOGREEN carbon estimates and DHL GOGREEN carbon footprint – is designed to provide the U.S. importers and exporters the transparency of its carbon emissions and expand the of its Gogreen environmental services.

DHL Gogreen carbon estimated prediction service providing customers with a single high-level estimates of their carbon footprint in the last three month period on the basis of the global average carbon emissions factor. This snapshot allows customers to its own carbon footprint baseline information and forecasting purposes.

The actual carbon dioxide emissions trade lane DHL GOGREEN carbon footprint is a measure of the service to provide detailed customer and product-modal transport account and a calendar year shipment level and support them with goal setting the transparency of the decision. In accordance with the principles of the ISO 14064 standard by an independent headquartered in Switzerland the French bank Societe Generale supervision the CO2 calculation methods and inspection reports.

New design Gogreen reporting services DHL GOGREEN carbon and services which enable customers to offset the carbon dioxide emissions for the DHL shipment. DHL Express (DHL Express) Third DHL GOGREEN services in over 50 countries and regions including the many markets in Europe Asia Pacific Africa and the Americas.

In 2011 Deutsche Post DHL shipments estimated 19 billion Gogreen carbon neutral global shipments while offsetting 134000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Since its inception in 2006 more than 27 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions offset GOGREEN carbon neutral shipping and logistics services.

In 2007 the use of global exposure Gogreen services at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos Switzerland.

Cargo operations in April DHL Global Forwarding Group announced that it will rely more on rail transport in Germany container sea freight terminal in efforts to reduce their carbon emissions. Shift from road to rail transport freight units to 3.65 million tons is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions each year according to the report of the postal parcel.


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