cvs pharmacy review

CVS / pharmacy to fill the prescription. New prescription can command a simple process and easier to refill and transfer from other pharmacies.

New prescriptions

The first step in this process is to create an online account, this is just a simple information, such as name, address, e-mail address registration issues. If you have been through the CVS / pharmacy to fill a prescription in the past year, you can immediately sign a prescription management program, and it will give you access to your online prescription history as a security measure to protect sensitive pharmacy records , some data must be entered before filling the prescription. If you are not yet a CVS prescription records, and thou shalt have to wait until you have to subscribe to prescription management., two-step authentication process, to ensure that only you can view sensitive prescription records for those who choose not to register for prescription management, there is an option to shopping as guests to buy prescription drugs.

Once the initial account creation has been completed, there are several options to submit a new prescription, depending on whether you have a file from your doctor’s prescription. In both cases, a very simple online form must be completed by indicating the name and dose of drugs and prescription name and phone number. If you have a paper prescription, you need to send to the CVS pharmacy with order number created in the online process. If you do not have a prescription, CVS / pharmacy contact to verify the prescription requirements and prescriptions mailed to you.

Standard shipping prescription drugs free of charge, and can be expected to take 5-10 days to arrive. Faster mode of transport available additional cost.

Prescription refills

Refilling existing CVS / pharmacy prescription may not be much easier. You can do this, simply enter some very basic information on prescription bottles, or more simple, select an existing prescription, prescription management information. Either way, you can choose to pick up the order at any specified CVS / pharmacy store or mail it to you.

Prescription management system, you can set up automatic reminders, and ordered the prescription renewal. CVS / pharmacy will send recharge remind restore order, because about two days ago. There are in-store only filling option, called ReadyFill. With this program, maintenance prescription refilled automatically under the orders of customers. CVS / drug prescription will call when ready to pick up. If prescription refills, they even contact a new prescription prescribing.

Prescription for sale

Refillable prescription can be transferred to the CVS / pharmacy online to enter the name, address and phone number of the pharmacy, prescription drugs currently holds the name and number of prescriptions. In this transmission, you must be in any given CVS / pharmacy location or carried it picked up the choice of drugs. Integration easier to track more than a single pharmacy prescription, but more importantly, allow pharmacies to alert you to potential drug interactions with other drugs.

Over-the-counter products:10/10

In addition to the CVS / pharmacy prescription drugs, comprehensive, over non-prescription drugs, nutritional supplements and other health products. Medicine cabinet is a convenient reference to the classification of medical problems involving minors, and does not require a doctor’s intervention. The Group including coughs, colds and flu, ear and eye care, stomach and allergy relief, home testing, and many others. Than we expected to see a medical equipment store are extremely rare, and also has a decent selection of medical equipment, including braces and supports, rehabilitation supplies, diabetes and respiratory disease care and home testing.

A variety of nutritional supplements for specific medical conditions or general well-being. There are special categories of vitamins, minerals and herbal products, as well as weight loss and sports nutrition. There are a seemingly endless choice of personal care products, health, skin care and beauty.

Health Education:10/10

There are many promote health dispensary and CVS / Pharmaceutical serious obligation. Their website has a Health Information Center, for a variety of health care issues, including women, men and children, and especially considering the old guy during pregnancy category. It includes over 7000 Library of Medicine, test and program information, book reviews, and alternative health information.

CVS / pharmacy and Drug Information Center provides detailed information of specific drugs, including how and when to display as well as the side effects and attention to matters. Which is characterized by entering the name of the drug or by using an index, an alphabetical list search. It also has a drug interaction checking, may see a given drug and other prescription or over-the-counter drugs, diet and herbal supplements, or even food.

Ease of Use:10/10

CVS / pharmacy site contains a wealth of information, but this information is difficult to find, it is of little value. The site is really good in this regard. Almost any subject or function through multiple routes, so customers do not have to find the things they want to feel like a web designer. Information can enter the theme for the strategic positioning of the search box, drop-down list, as well as any number of topics classification method.

The same ease-of-use prescription ordering process. CVS / Pharmaceutical has made every effort to facilitate the ordering and delivery options, customers may prefer. In addition, online prescription management system, the customer’s prescription history can be anywhere and fill ordering easier.

There are a couple of the savings plan, for many customers value. The CVS / pharmaceutical care savings pass the cost of $ 10.00 per person per year to provide a 90-day supply of over 400 generic prescription only $ 9.99. It also provides a 10% discount, points in the CVS / pharmacy clinics, more than 500 in 24 countries. Finally, free ExtraCare rewards program allows customers to earn 2% every online purchase or CVS / pharmacy plus an extra dollar, every two prescription drugs. Cumulative gain can be used online or purchased at the store.

Help and support:9.5/10

CVS / pharmacy to provide customer support through toll-free telephone, e-mail and website, especially extensive and useful FAQs. Called a special e-mail service, enabling customers to propose specific drug problems, Ask the pharmacist. It uses a table-driven e-mail, to ensure that the customers enter the relevant information, such as a complete list of the drugs, supplements and health problems. The answer can be considered as a potential drug interactions and other factors considered. They also provide a website optimized on mobile devices. It allows customers to access prescription records, in order to refill or find a pharmacy while on the go.


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