List your business: local directory and review site

If you have a local business then you must be online retailers and other website ranking in Google a big advantage. This advantage is local search. Rather than competition of thousands to millions of potential competition website on a global scale local enterprises can focus on the local search to get a good ranking facing not only the site of the local competitors. So that it’s one way to ensure that the correct local directory review site listing your business.

Select the correct local directories and review sites

When it comes to a local directory review site submit your articles and claimed that the options seem endless. Here is how to determine the local directory and review site is best for your business.

1. Search for your business on Google.

First of all the Google search for your business. The chances are your business is already listed some local directories review sites (regardless of whether you have been “claimed” them). Should require any configuration files one or two listed on the search results page you see. Just go to your personal information and to find a link ask if you own the business or to the list of claims:

Why? If someone looks for your business in order to find or submit comments they may encounter these networks. Make sure you have your best side claiming that the list of these networks.

When it comes to leaving reviews of local enterprises there are some well-known companies have chosen including (but not limited to) the following:

Whenever you are considering a local directory review site do not count on social media as part of their own strategy. Local social networks like Foursquare should require listed incoming customers if your business has a lot of sites on your agenda. Facebook also provide local characteristics as a local business when you build your Facebook page. You can see some good examples of “local enterprise and look for when you go to their web browser.

2. Registered local directory of the major search engines.

The three major search engines – Google Yahoo and Bing – everyone has their own local directory and censorship. Google may become your main source of traffic but it will not hurt to ensure coverage in Yahoo and Bing.

Google Google+ Pages for local enterprises. Local business information in Google+ are free.

Yahoo has Yahoo local part. Freedom and enhanced basic catalog listing more photos and enhanced content costs $ 9.99 per month.

The local part of the soldiers with soldiers. The listing is free. Such as add free listing on Justdial.

3. Source category or city to find more references.

Best reference source categories will help you find the best local directories review sites for your type of business.

Cite the source of the best cities in the United States will help you find the best local directories review sites depending on your location. The directory lists some cities very localized “and the” Washington Post “.

Create a great list

Once you create or claiming to list on the local directory review site you need to enrich your company as much personal information. Here are some tips you should apply to any listed.

Make full use of your choice to improve the content of the list. This could include YouTube videos PDF upload your menu from the sales presentation slides or other visual information.

If you can add to your social links. Even if some people do not have ready customers or check the website they may be willing to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Tell the reader why this is important. Maybe they do not understand social participation piece. Our link to the reference.

When the list is completed the key thing to remember is that the value of your business may be affected by the extent of the update is complete. You receive local reviews powerful configuration file ranked higher than their competitors incomplete or unreliable market.

Remedy: User Reviews

Not all comments are the same. Yelp users can privately or publicly comment and even some great tips on how to deal with. Remember our goal is to enjoy the happy customers and help the less pleased to comment publicly display your excellent customer service skills.

Even if you know the person who wrote the review is not to read it your reaction you would say if you are standing face to face. Help customers make the right things. If nothing else it will show readers reviews you care about your customers to resolve any difficulties.


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