Is this a lost opportunity for Apple in India?

J · J · Valaya is one of India’s most prominent fashion designers is a self-confessed arbitrator and curator of good taste. I know for a fact because I know him he is the India National Institute of Fashion Technology students. If you go into the shops you can see taste elegant fully demonstrated. He also likes the gadget – a lot of people. He looked around the Samsung Note and BlackBerry Bold.

His bold last breath so he asked me: What should I buy? Well since he and I have similar taste palette I recommend iPhone 5. However this did not impress him – he did not feel than the iPhone 4S. When I asked him about that if he spent time on it his answer was no.

That’s when it hit me – he could not believe the reason is because he has not been able to experience what is typical of Apple and conversion to Apple’s customers: an ordinary person immersive Apple experience store.

Many phones

To understand India’s mobile phone market – about 900 million total connections – you must understand that it is actually different people different strokes. Is sweeping the low-end budget and Android-based smart phone market in the low-end local brands such as Nokia his painting is red hot equipment. Is there a brand aimed at China’s mobile phone low-end. Add two biggies ZTE and Huawei combination you have a vibrant smartphone market. Nokia and Blackberry and Sony of course but it is hard to say if they do good.

However when it comes to high-end market for Samsung makes all the way. Of course there is Apple but frankly it is a distant second. In November 2012 Apple introduced the iPhone 5 in Cupertino California company in India and three months ended December 31 2012 in the country only sold 252000 Department of iPhone. The data prompted everyone from the Wall Street Journal Reuters reported that Apple is doing well in India but it is really doing well?

If you ask me the answer is no frankly they could have done better. Yes compared with China India’s smartphone market is negligible: about 265000 users (although I have a feeling that they underestimate the potential and demand) in 2013 according to Canalys data. But it will grow bigger this rapid growth. $ 19 million in 2012 smartphone market in 2016 with total sales of 1.08 million units IDC said. In other words this is a great Cupertino wake up and smell the curry enough opportunities.

Samsung side up

I walked a lap shops in and around New Delhi about a week ago this is the place where my parents live. Obviously even a casual observer Apple’s position in the market in India has been reduced to just another phone. Samsung Galaxy brand in your face – from TV to newspapers in-store displays. The Korean giant is basically everywhere. I’ve walked into many shops display on the iPhone and iPad unless they lose a confusing series of other phone. (In September 2012 the company and local distributors Ingram Micro and Treasure Island and other retailers comes in small towns.)

The people want a lot of things they buy – more buttons a larger screen more memory – is just right in certain parts of the world. Greater phone and terrible phablets which is why there is so much demand. By Samsung coupled with ongoing advertising has become (note to stay away from other people) dialogue including Apple. Samsung sold 40% three months ended in December 2012 5.2 million smartphone sales in India.

Ignorance is not happiness

I’m just baffled Best Buy and Target will adhere to the in-store experience with some similarity to the Apple Store sales outsourcing to operators and third parties who sell mobile phones like a street hawkers selling vegetables and fast food . My eyes bleed every time I want to enter these carrier stores in India. They opposing the Apple brand.

I’m frankly surprised that the second-largest mobile phone market like Poorvika– Apple has left India that is – own devices. I do not understand why. This is not money there is a lack. There may be more potential customers say in India iPhone and iPad than Germany the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. They have multiple Apple stores so why not India? When someone asked him last year in the BRIC strategy Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that all the countries it is likely to go Brazil in China rather than India and Russia.

Perhaps now is the time for Apple to return to the drawing board and put forward a new plan. A handful of Apple involving opens their own shops in India – for example in New Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore. There are relatively few stumbling blocks. Last year India allows 100% foreign investment in single-brand retail business this is a great company sells its own brand merchandise ownership. Apple did this.

Rachel Lashford mobile in Canalys Managing Director told the Wall Street Journal “until Apple can reach a lower price point it will continue to competitors in India beyond.”I cannot agree with her more.

Come elite

I admit I usually spend most of my time in India’s major cities – Delhi and Mumbai – but I can tell from the wall-to-wall advertising everyone is talking about Indians love their phones as much as possible for them car. For a certain class of people – move up and a wealth of real estate – their phone is often a successful badge drive like a car. For these people it is the best or not.

Apple just stop thinking it can sell cheap iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models to Indian consumers. Buyers like the Chinese Indian buyers are very “badge” conscious and want to get the latest and greatest. Tim Cook (Tim Cook) Limited accept them within the elite and the positioning of the brand premium.

It all started with an Apple store. As far as I know the Apple Store is a gateway drug for all Apple experience. It is in you to touch feel and fall in love with Apple products. IPhone and iPad interactive gives full retail experience allowing you the “fruit” or any one. Sell ​​different products and this is the perfect place.


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