Indian companies revel in unreasonable target

If innovation is the sexy face of sustainable development the efficiency is boring the other side. However it often drives glossy stuff. When all of the resources are very valuable Samir Saran former Vice President of the trust and the observation Research Foundation Senior Fellow re-innovation is essential in order to survive. This is not so much the case frugal innovation more frugal innovation. Unable to be frugal in their consumption of resources is the company unable to compete.

Independent consultant to energy and the environment Viraal Balsari agreed. In the Indian context of sustainable development essentially Efficiency: efficiency of resource use the most important is the cost efficiency of Indian companies are terrified of the cost and very keen to manage. So if you say this is your investment when you return how much the cost will come down they understand it. Then you begin to attack it.

It has an obvious attraction. Asian Paints successfully eliminate all liquid waste chief strategy officers and Manish Choksi said simply: This is no longer an economic burden.

In the past few years economics has evolved as resource prices have raised Vishwesh Palekar senior vice president of innovation Mahindra & Mahindra. Therefore all investment [it may have been a charitable foundation] – whether its water conservation and renewable energy – a firms business proposition a theme of sustainable development. As a side Mahindra car has just launched its first electric car Reva Company E2O: business proposition Palekar admit is a leap of faith.

However prudent resource management is not the whole story (which is the same it can get quite boring). Sometimes the pursuit of sustainable innovation if not exactly the same for its own sake but fearless commitment green innovation Infosys unreasonable goals can produce surprising results.

He said when the company decided to eliminate the artificial lighting during the day they found that We not only save electricity we kept the heat load so we reduce the size of our chillers so we reduce the size and scale of our transformer diesel generator sets. It did not end there. The maximum daylight means a huge window space open views of the sky and trees make employees happier and more productive and efficient.

Rewarded staff in sustainable development efforts an increase of Rick citing a neat little invention sending text prompts to let you know you have to leave your computer for more than half an hour to leave power. This is more effective not only the efficiency of pestering them he said.

Set big bold hairy an ambitious goal Gaurang Pandya MD of operators (Infosys India Company partner in one of the cooling research – is a great way to motivate people internal. whether it is driven by concerns more than resources or not leading Johnson Matthey India the company is developing a bold hairy taste. purpose of halving to 2017 units of production impact on the environment from the foundation in 2007. Recently well known company Justdial launch its Google play application. Alcatel-Lucents intensified. largest operating expenses of our industry is the need to run its power telecommunications network it’s in the main India said Therefore we have created a 60 from around the world The members of the consortium the purpose of the infrastructure is completely redesigned in order to reduce the energy use of telecommunications technology company 1000 times. you have to admit that it is a serious grand goal.

Vivek Sharma Indians between the technical managers of the venture capital company BP India such as an increase in innovation – not necessarily the case. There are too many people who work alone he said. A big gap in the industry structure: academic researchers operate in isolation the isolation of the operations. The Indian equivalent of Silicon Valley enterprises come together in a bubbling fermentation bright idea. Ligia Noronha executive director of TERI agrees: innovation worst thing is do not talk to each other – are not connected to each other and you must inculcate a culture of cooperation. Partly in response to this line of thought BP is launching a new $ 1 million worth of venture capital funds focused on clean technology and innovation which will in the School of Management in Ahmedabad India culture.

Said: cooperation appetite is encouraging Johnson Matthey catalyst MD danan Jai Tapasvi. There is a danger just atomized isolated innovation story so many exciting things happen encountered many sectors not just blue sky thinking this is a short-term thing. Amazing that this may go!

This is all a far cry from what can be described as relatively sober traditional Sustainable development of the Indian companies has a long tradition rooted in philanthropy. This is a traditional smoothly into the relatively new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept has been absorbed.

Charity sustainable development approach does not sit comfortably a growing number of Indian business leaders who are willing to see new opportunities and solutions rather than an obligation. In addition there is an opportunity at least it can provide a social product for charity if not more so…

As general manager Hindustan Unilevers sustainable development Meeta Singh said: If the community fails then the business cannot thrive. This is why there is a link between the business and development.

We work on the water Singh. If people have decent water they can produce more crops more prosperous which means that they can afford to buy our products if there is water or food insecurity people will spend money in our cream. Shakti ammas project with the same thinking sales entrepreneurs training of rural women see below women lead men tracking us want our products open up new market outside the scope of traditional retail region. We found that the best way we can do the financial capacity of rural women. Directly put money in their pockets we know their food and their childrens education.

In some ways it is a model closer to the spirit of social entrepreneurs no softening clear business objectives. Sachin Joshi director of the Confederation of Indian Industry for example Jain Irrigation. He explained that its success is built constitutes its customer base of farmers (many of them from as far away as prosperity) to establish a close cooperative relationship. Jainism who are willing to talk to each farmer find out exactly what they need which crops when they grow their fields soil composition etc. – and then design a solution specifically for their size.

Understanding customers is to look at other opportunities but also Josh continues. They realized that the farmers to use the seed are not the best quality so they began to provide improved. Later they found that the farmers do not have their own products to get the best deal so they enter the food processing it is based on pure business logic If the increase in the income of the farmers increased income of Jainism Therefore the company is very clear: they will not enter a business unless it is said in the value chain twice or three times the income increase. Jainism has become a successful company.

Echoes is a new initiative of the bank and allow rural migrant remittances home through small shops instead of queuing good few bank branches for several hours in such remittance transactions. It proved to be very popular: now more than 30 million users exchange INR5 one hundred million U.S. dollars through the system. Said: People are being wasted half a day standing in the queue YES president responsible for the bank Namita Vikas adding half-jokingly: We know that there is a queue there is a pain – and there is a painful there must be a demand in order to reduce it – this is a business opportunity!

This is all found the sweet spot between do and good said Singh Meeta. [Government] 2% of the requirement that a certain scale enterprises 2% of the profits donated to charity work rules [] the lack of it. Entire 100% which is the only way to ensure that you really have a positive and lasting social impact. So we have to do is purely charitable work relief: our business is tied if it is not to establish business we will not leave it alone I believe this is the best way we can do better.


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