History of Tissot brand

Tissot, the Swiss watch company, was established in the year 1853. Charles-FE (c) licien “Tissot and his son Charles, Amy Earle Locke the famous commercial basis in the city. Pioneering spirit and a forceful drive mechanical process inspired two start brought the watch trade a sturdy and skilled company.

Exists in the way of the Tissot Company, the company has always fascinated people around the world of ideas. From the beginning, the company has technicians and engineers in the growth and development of new innovative watch is conducive thoroughly. Under the leadership of a powerful technical team, incidentally later became the largest producer antimagnetic watch. It also has first to produce plastic watch, the “Rock Watch” “wooden watch” and “T-TOUCH glorious record.

With the production of some of the illustrations the similar watches “, the Tissot Company also feel its presence in the sports history. Strongly involved in some major sports events, it gets its share of fame, the Davis Cup in 1957 with the timekeeper, and participate in alpine skiing in Switzerland in 1938. The, Tissot company is authorized by the timing of various sports activities premiere: road cycling circuit racing, cycling, ice hockey and fencing. All these sports affairs, requiring the highest level of reliability and accuracy, rigor, significance and excellence of the Tissot Company. The company has rejoiced 150th anniversary of its famous University, in 2003. Tissot brand, without a doubt, not only is one of the most respected people in the world, but also the most sought after brands in Switzerland itself.

Tissot company from 1985, has been connected to the Swatch Group. Starting from the same period, it has been a businessman in 140 countries around the world network system features. Since all tissot dealers usa itself, which is conducive to the company’s use of the “Swiss Made” branding. Tender a wide range of products of the Company, both admirers of a pleasant design and enthusiasts watch technology will capture attention.

In recent years, the company has transformed itself into a more popular brand than ever. It is likely to be due to its “T-TOUCH” expertise. In this unique watch, some new watches including the touch-sensitive navy faces “, including a compass, barometer, altimeter, and thermometer. The same series of watches also provides improved features in some of the movies: The Cradle of Life and Mr. Smith and his wife.

Delighted with excellent quality watches, admire these traits in Tissot watches. Overall, it was rated as the most important watch brands of luxury watches in the mid-price range. Tissot is on its way to their sports sponsorship to a towering height, to become the official timekeeper and partner of some grand sporting events such as the Olympics and other adventure sports. By sponsoring some big names in the sports arena, it has created a niche for themselves can not easily take over its competitors in the near future.


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