How to apply for a passport (India) reapplication information

Foreign travel passport is very important. It can also be used as the ID and address proof. I was the only person the passport seva kendra person in my family I intend to convince the members of my family the rest of their passports. I have my way back in 2005 this process has changed a little. Just for convenience I would like to record the information I have here about this process. Here we go

1. There are three types of passports issued in India:

Blue  applies to all Indian citizens

White  official use

The magic red (red) for diplomats

2. Official Website:

New User Registration

Select fresh application / reissue

3. Documents to be submitted (photos):

Proof of age

Proof of address

ID proof

4. Other information:

The normal validity  10 years

Page 36 passport seva kendra chennai (usually) 60 (extra charge)

Application Fee  began in 1500 INR

Processing time  normal (up to 45 days) / Instant * (37 days)

* Surcharge levied for immediate processing

In the case of loss / theft / maturity / name or address change / damage passport seva kendra delhi reissued. Read more here

All of this information is only symbolic in nature. Check the official website for more details. I fee / processing time for passport / process changes any changes do not take any responsibility.

I hope you find this information helpful.


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