DTDC to Release DotZot dedicated to e-commerce company in India Delivery Network

E commerce in India has just begun to grow. We have a long way to go in this department. The new eCommerce businesses are facing one of the main problems is the delivery and logistics. This mainly applies to small and medium sized companies.

The larger companies like DTDC have successfully obtained several rounds of investment such as Flipkart and Jabong can have their own distribution network. Fact have their own distribution network is not an easy task which is why many established eCommerce companies do not have their own distribution network. Expensive but most of the focus is likely to take away from the core of eCommerce business.

DTDC Courier have seen the opportunity and launched this DotZot India’s first pan India delivery network designed for eCommerce companies in India. If you perform well it can actually be the scene of the entire eCommerce in India is very beneficial.

DTDC Chennai there is a huge advantage. This is a very trusted players logistics. If they can manage their own prices so it is suitable for eCommerce companies I think we have a good solution to the main problem.

Dotzot three different services for eCommerce companies  fast economic and quality service.  DotZot courier services may be the largest selection service management delivery in 23 working days. DotZot economic services will provide the best price and Dotzot premiums in the morning the same day or next day delivery service such as the cost of providing higher.

Some is just DotZot ratio. They also provide a delivery service to collect they will receive cash payments of customers on behalf of eCommerce companies and remittances to them through the different options.

DotZot also provides three kinds of delivery attempts at no extra cost which is great I guess. In addition they also provide warehousing services company and store them in its own inventory pick and ship their products when they want.


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