The selection of the shares of Anil Ambani’s theater Big Cinema by China Wanda Group to increase its screening footprint

Dalian Wanda Group China is one of the largest privately held company. Wanda Group earlier this year picked up the AMC cinema chain in the United States to become the largest theater chain in the world is a significant presence of private equity investment funds in the United States and China from the clutch. The Wanda Group also forged a tie with the Indian conglomerate Anil Ambanis debt ridden surplus of real estate development in a long term strategic agreement.

With a war chest of $ 3000000000 investment in global expansion Wandas EndNote ambitions of the entertainment industry has become increasingly evident. On the other hand once the most diverse Indian entertainment giant Reliance Entertainment has been a roller coaster ride with some of the entertainment is not like other agitation cash. One of which is under the big cinemas brand. Dependent Media Works owns and operates Big Cinemas hyderabad brand has been riding the losses and enterprise groups in India had earlier expressed its intention to spin off of part of its equity strategy or financial partners.

Assets long term strategic agreement behemoth entertainment ambitions the Wanda Group Entertainment ambitious cinema is a natural fit. Wang Jianlin chairman of Dalian Wanda Group said he intends to buy another U.S. theater chains in the next few years to consolidate in announced the completion of the acquisition of the AMC theater in the United States. Hot spots in the industry the United States Grand Theater arm hobbled loss of weapons such as India and Malaysia.

A leader Wanda Group in the United States China and India will become the undisputed leader in the world theater business. Although it is not clear but the ownership of the current market value of the rupee India the United States and Malaysia assets cinema. 350  36 billion rupees ($ 65 million) Wanda Group it will be a cheap pick who pump $ 2.6 billion purchase of AMC theaters and is planning to investment close to $ 4.5 million U.S. dollars (@ Rs 250 billion rupees) refurbishment 4865 screen AMC theater.

In comparison over 500 screen Grand Theater at a cheaper price Wanda taking into account the current market value as well as other business areas such as distribution.

The long term agreement between Anil Ambani and Dalian Wanda Group in certain Union Association or the acquisition of a large Big cinema mangalore theater business era will tell.


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