Monthly Archives: April 2013

Celebrate 100 years of Indian film

May 1913 saw the first release of a landmark film in Indian film. The Mara language of the film is director and producer the Dadasaheb Phalke also pointed out that as the father of the Indian film. Fast forward to 2013 we like the movie “Barfi!” Written and directed by Anurag Basu another eminent director […]

India’s kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) at lowest price

Although the Government is facing the rise of anti-aircraft guns prices of petroleum products India is a country in the world prices of petroleum products at the lower end. According to a recent World Bank policy research paper petroleum products the lowest prices found in the Plaza of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Egypt […]

A large number of natural gas consumers failed to meet the standards of the IOC

A large number of natural gas consumers failed to meet the standards of the IOC. More than 12000 connections suspended many collection KYC form. Out of 29600 rupees liquefied petroleum gas connection in the country only 89300 connections have been able to meet so far the provisions of the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) standards. Part of the […]

Requirements in First flight courier

First flight messenger came to 1986 11 17 (Monday). It all started with the establishment of three offices in Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. The customer response, not just a dream come true, but the fruit as soon as possible and recognized the enormous potential of the Indian subcontinent Terms market size. It of the vision […]

Advantages of online food ordering service

Hungry? Here’s something that you really like it! If you are an Internet drug users and those who do not like everything out of the home, especially food, then you should definitely try online ordering service. This service Order food online directly through their website. Visit the restaurant or the phone number to call the […]

The DTDC Released DotZot a e-commerce logistics solutions

The DTDC Courier Freight Co. Ltd. a premier courier company announced the launch of its professional logistics company’s e-commerce – DotZot. DotZot claims to be the first pan-India delivery network reached 8000 plus PIN and 2300 cities focusing on the electronic retail space. The DTDC launched the back of the growing e-commerce industry with Rs […]