The DTDC Released DotZot a e-commerce logistics solutions

The DTDC Courier Freight Co. Ltd. a premier courier company announced the launch of its professional logistics company’s e-commerce – DotZot. DotZot claims to be the first pan-India delivery network reached 8000 plus PIN and 2300 cities focusing on the electronic retail space. The DTDC launched the back of the growing e-commerce industry with Rs 55000 crore of which retail including only 10% the remaining 90% by the travel and other services. E-tailing is growing four times faster or more tourist class.

It comes to the launch of Sanjiv Kathuria CEO DotZot said “E-commerce is the fastest growing business segments affect the future growth of this industry in the country is bundled with a customized system process and technology lack of logistics infrastructure critical gaps electronic retail business must grow. “For growth in this segment logistics solutions provider will need to go beyond the traditional” express “process in order to meet the modern needs. DotZot aimed at bridging this gap electronic retailers increasingly looking for fine-tuning in order to enhance the shopping experience of their customers processes and technology.

According to market research firm Technopak e-commerce business in India is expected to become a $ 135 billion 2017 will be greater than the B2C and C2C business enterprises. Electronic retailing is still very small only 0.12% in India compared to the overall retail in China and Brazil more than 4%. However it is expected to reach 2% to the contribution in India in 2017.

DTDC India has been in the 2-3 class city services through 240 of its coalition partners which is an important e-commerce business markets in the world. Abhishek Chakraborty Executive Director of DTDC courier and cargo DotZot told Rs 100 crore revenue in three years. The Abhishek DotZot has been under construction for a year said: “We decided to use it as a separate business because it helps the value of our existing partner relationships and electronic retailer. DotZot will reach electronics retailer and to help them simplify the entire delivery lifecycle reduce costs increase reached to reduce delivery network to set up the risks associated. Will it responsible for DotZot from the time of receipt of the order from warehousing picking and packing transport and delivery.

YourStory eSparks held in Bangalore last month who come together to discuss the future of e-commerce in many industry experts have repeatedly stressed the need for a reliable and efficient logistics support e-commerce businesses in India. DotZot Therefore at the right time for more e-commerce startups do their business. More than investment in infrastructure the best according to the the Abhishek DotZot will invest in training and access to high-quality human resources services e-tailers and DotZot e-commerce industry.


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