A large number of natural gas consumers failed to meet the standards of the IOC

A large number of natural gas consumers failed to meet the standards of the IOC. More than 12000 connections suspended many collection KYC form. Out of 29600 rupees liquefied petroleum gas connection in the country only 89300 connections have been able to meet so far the provisions of the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) standards.

Part of the 12675 ongoing verification process did not submit the necessary documents and multiple connections and said an official source connection is suspended. Suspended connected owners even do not collect to understand your customer “(KYC) form add the source. KYC form and the total 2.96 lakh connections have been issued Rs 20000 connections.

For connection of two million rupees 109300 connections has been digitized so far the source said. Gas Day parade about 20000 connections 550 connection is suspended Manipur Indane gas has about 1000 pause 23000 connections is connected. Indane gas booking about 19000 connections about 800 connections is suspended MM gas about 1000 suspended its total of 20000 connections connection.

About 600 and 700 of the connection has been suspended in the Porompat gas and K & K Indane gas agency adding the source. In the ongoing process the verification process the the Manipur Police Gas troubled institutions. Many connections in this body facing the same address on the basis of the number of and rifleman granted connectivity issues.

The source further said that the gas national institutions 1000-3000 on behalf of consumers seeking to change connection. The name change process may take as long as a day not more than six to seven connections can be completed.

However the International Olympic Committee has instructed agencies new connection to start the process early completion of the ongoing verification process existing connection the source said. The applicant has been connected to the name of the spouse will not get a new connection the source said.


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