Kinect Xbox 360 players can now order Pizza Hut

In their seemingly never-ending quest to make sure you never turn off your Xbox 360 Microsoft and Pizza Hut together it is easy for you to get your next meal to be sent directly from the console.

Order food from your TV is not a new concept but it has never been a particularly well-thought-out process. TiVo and Domino’s pizza used to have a protocol that makes it so your TV will ask if you want to order something around meal times. This is a cool idea in theory but TiVo user interface is very cumbersome when you do not have access to the entire menu. Microsoft and Pizza Hut through the Xbox interface and access to the entire Pizza Hut menu they can do better.

Once you have paired Pizza Hut and Xbox Live account you can command from the console any time you want. You can choose to shout your toppings on your TV you can stand up and get a little exercise by using the Kinect sensor your arm assemble your meal or you can be old-fashioned and use your Xbox controller. You can access to the entire menu as well as any possible time special price. Place an order you can share on Facebook playing games or watching movies until you get a knock on the door.

One of the first companies to provide online order and mobile Web-based order, To which is no surprise to see Pizza Hut on the Xbox. Microsoft’s goal is to showcase the company’s Xbox a viable market transactions to their console to create a digital shopping mall. If Microsoft can convince their audience on the Xbox rather than shopping on their smart phones or browser they will get all the data along with those who buy and use it to create a purchase and advertising ecosystem will be beneficial to everyone involved.

Xbox users will be able to install starting today Pizza Hut and the people who place an order before May 6 15% discount on their first purchase.


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