India kerosene liquefied petroleum HP gas (LPG) at lowest price

A World Bank study found that about two-thirds of the state-subsidized prices for consumers.

Although the Government is facing the rise of anti-aircraft guns prices of petroleum products India is a country in the world prices of petroleum products at the lower end.

According to a recent World Bank policy research paper petroleum products the lowest prices found in the Plaza of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Egypt followed by Iran and Iraq the Islamic Republic of gasoline and diesel kerosene Indonesia and India Iraq and Bolivia liquefied petroleum HP gas.

Square of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela emerged as the prices of petroleum products is far lower than any other country in addition to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Egyptian official price lower.

The study “said about two-thirds of the state remained domestic prices below the market-clearing level in the past three years in one or more fuel petroleum products pricing and supporting policies – since 2009 experience of 65 developing countries subsidies to consumers. It added that the additional burden-sharing including oil and gas company’s fuel subsidies amounted to about 2% of GDP.

Notice the price of liquefied petroleum gas by the end of the year the report said unit price difference has been 280% is conducive to small cylinders of liquefied petroleum HP gas sales in India 220% in Tunisia Indonesia 175% and 170% Thailand.

At the same time according to the PPAC liquefied petroleum gas and kerosene prices in India is the lowest compared to neighboring countries? Although the price of kerosene at 14.79 rupees in India Pakistan is Rs 56.05 Bangladesh Sri Lanka Rs 40.82 Rs 44.62 and Rs 60.41 in Nepal.

On the other hand the price of liquefied petroleum HP gas of Rs 410.5 g cylinder of 14.2 kg in India as compared to Rs 911.86 313.6 919.6 rupees 533.21 rupees Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka and Nepal Rupee.

Sale of diesel Rs 6.52 with recovery of Rs 30.49 per liter of kerosene also LPG Rs 434.50 per cylinder sale in under the OMC suffering India.

In the period from April to December according to the recovery of diesel Rs 21891 crore liquefied petroleum HP gas (LPG) to Rs 73815 crore kerosene Rs 29148 crore.


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