Aadhaar LPG linkage still delay in Andhra Pradesh

Announced even as the center will launch a direct transfer of cash subsidies for liquefied petroleum gas from June 1 only 55% of consumers get their Aadhaar number five districts oil companies in Andhra Pradesh database.

Poorer consumers which are crucial amount of subsidies for the transfer of bank accounts linked to Aadhaar number.

The deadline for liquefied petroleum Indane gas consumers in Hyderabad Ranga Reddy Chittoor Anantapur and East Godavari districts get their Aadhaar linked to the number of oil companies and bank accounts as of May 15 date to the database.

LPG consumers who have not been with their the Aadhaar bank account digital as the center announced the launch necessarily should do so by May 31 June 1 the transfer of subsidies.

In Hyderabad a total of 12 lakh LPG consumers Rs 58000 Aadhaar these banks only 30000 rupees. The other regions of the break up: Ranga Reddy – 135900 rupees 6.11 trillion and Rp 20300 the Chittoor respectively – 6.67 lakh Rs 42000 and Rs 30000 East Godavari – Rs 90000 Rs 60000 and Rs 30000 and Anantapur – 50000 rupees consumers Rs 30000 and 20000.

Photovoltaic transfer liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) directly benefit the goal is to check the fake cards abuse of ghost consumers and domestic LPG cylinders for commercial use said Ramesh principal secretary financial and Nodal Officer directly benefit from the transfer plan.

About 46 lakh consumers only 55% of vaccinating their Aadhaar number database oil companies so far he said.  “He added:” However we do not have the total number of the Aadhaar bank account linkage.

Dr. Ramesh said that consumers should be to the bank and get their Aadhaar number and bank account as soon as possible. In order to speed up this process submitted by the banks of Financial Services Aadhaar number within two days to complete the planting. Consumers will get an SMS alert shortly after the linkage.

He said that those who have not enrolled in Aadhaar number until August 31 will also be subsidized price of LPG cylinders. They will have to get their phone number before the deadline and link it to their own bank accounts and the oil company’s database. Officials estimated that at least 20% of the liquefied petroleum Indane gas connection would be false and therefore will not be vaccinated oil company database.


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