Airtel has introduced a single voice and data prepaid card

Leading telecom operators Airtel Nigeria has launched a dual single prepaid card that will allow customers to recharge prepaid card is only a two services on the network voice and data services.

Single recharge option in addition to Airtel the first in the industry is that you can recharge physical and electronic formats. Physical N100 N500 and N5000 recharge card denomination while the electronic pin (paper) option denomination N100 N200 N500 N1000 N2000 and N5000 offer.

For a single recharge Airtel charging the old process is still enough to voice services to customers dial * 126 * recharge password then #. However for the same data on a prepaid card service customers will need to dial * 143 * # for recharge and reset password.

Single recharge option also attracted plus the rate applicable to data services based on the purchase amount of talk time.

Between N100 and N500 client load they will enjoy 60% of the data and the Subscriber 000 N1 N5 000 in prize money attracted more than 30% of the data bonus.

Commenting on the latest innovations Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director Airtel Nigeria Deepak Srivastava said that the latest option to recharge the company’s commitment to further pier Nigerians continue to provide value and convenience throughout the world as They provide customized and innovative products.

He promised Airtel’s relentless drive to provide fresh and cutting-edge telecommunications technology to ensure its customers continue to enjoy the first-class products and services increase single charge another important reason is that Airtel’s network especially in the time of the mobile number portability (MNP ) allows customers to Airtel which provide customers with convenience.

“Airtel Recharge only a single double victory for our customers because we have single-handedly charge or subscribe for voice and data services separately from the two programs merge the two to produce a single seamless charging process eliminating the multiple process service the use of a single step which is not unique but the revolutionary can only get from the network Nigerians proudly coverage “he said.

Airtel’s single recharge which is made for pre-paid and post-paid users. But, also provides additional advantages for customer data because it completely eliminates the subscription data using USSD or SMS code in the process.

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