Newsprint in Pune SAKAL

Natyaranga SAKAL and SAKAL Swarvihar recently hit the newsstands in Maharashtra. Both Mara close SAKAL Group Quarterly national daily publications Sakaal the Times “launched in July heels. Publishers have launched a few months ago ‘India and Global Affairs” for the international audience and Tanishq MA pull the magazine the elite women in Maharashtra.

Two recent publications Editor Sureshchandra introduction Padhye daily SAKAL editor (Art and Culture) is a veteran critic and writer.

Natyaranga SAKAL been committed to the hobby horse artists and theater audiences. Its mission is to revive Marathi Theater late fall showing a new production quality and creativity in dealing with the topic. Marathi Natak inaugural issue of history has been identified which began in 1853 and has been through a variety of pre-independence and post-independence transition. In addition to professional and amateur theater there are a variety of genres such as the Dalits from the old Mumbai Pune Chhabildas up hill and plain folk theater and experimental theater movement. Try to take the Natyaranga SAKAL broad overview of the history and contemporary Marathi Theater.

SAKAL Swarvihar on the other hand is music in tribute to the great tradition of Maharashtra. As the lead singer Pandit Bhimsen Joshi’s cover story this issue likes Pandit Jasraj Gajanan Watve Dashrath Pujari and those who accompany the singers and musicians on the stage of the Masters of the article.

These two issues have a variety of colors all 64 coated paper printing.


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