Power is cut off due to the power bill unpaid

Darkness and silence in your home because they do not pay for electricity blackouts? Check the post given below to understand your rights. Power cut complaints interests of consumers.

First-hand experience: a few months ago in my home power cut. That this is the usual “Thursday very simple” scenario I awaited for a couple hours but in vain. More than one hour off so I was a little nervous and anxious day blown apart because I could feel my plan. I called the toll-free number MSEB was surprised to hear what they say. I was informed that the connection has been discontinued as unpaid electricity bill payment. I was surprised because I have to pay to cover eight days back so why now outage?

I feel frustrated decision is supported why now occurring in “gyaan”. When I called the toll-free number  I was told to get contact with the local branch  to address the grievance … calling this number  I know these people are on vacation  is not in a position to help me – he gave me another number.

I called the second number and explained my problems facing people on the other end. This person asked me to go in my area MSEB office and show their receipt. In time I went to the MSEB office and show a receipt to the person concerned. It is 13:00 and told me that this is a mistake from their side happened because I have paid the bill for two months.

He explained to me that if you do not pay the electricity bill payment Pune a month before the last date:

– It will be automatically added in the coming month’s arrears bill as

– The second list also had defaulted.

Now if the customer pays the full amount after the list generated then there is no mechanism for MSEB cross check this which causes power outages even if the electricity bill payment online has been paid. In my case MSEB cut off the power pay bills after eight days. This is ridiculous. I asked them to send people to restore power. But someone told me that this can happen only at night. By this time I’ve lost my patience I began escalating the matter and start a call after one of the other officers in MSEB.

I like most officers are reluctant to answer my question but arrogant. One of them said it would take 24 hours to restore power (process is as follows: If the power is cut off due to nonpayment of the bill  then it should be twenty-four hours to restore a online electricity bill payment Pune is paid but in the I the case of the 800 days have passed since my bill payment continuous pursuance a) 2 to 3 hours the power is restored.

Once power is restored I went to inspect the site in MSEB rule if there is any power supply before disconnecting.


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