The top ten pharmaceutical companies in Hyderabad

Here are the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Hyderabad these are the best companies in the pharmaceutical life science and pharmaceutical products. These are top list of pharma companies in Hyderabad ranking process frequently update our team of experts.

1 | Reddys Laboratories Ltd. Dr.

Corporate Office – Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh establishment – 1984 |

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Dr. Reddy is a global pharmaceutical company in the three core business segments; ingredients special and general products. It was founded in 1984 the company in India API and in 1991 the company began the global life sciences business.

2 | DIVIS Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Corporate Office – Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh establishment – 1990 |

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DIVIS laboratory was established in 1990 the top pharma companies in Hyderabad with the core competitiveness of pharmaceutical raw materials (API) and intermediates. This is one of the largest companies in the API department has been working with many multinational companies and international companies to provide an API formula.

3 | Aurobindo Pharma Limited

Corporate Office – Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh establishment – 1986 |

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Aurobindo is the best pharmaceutical company in Hyderabad was founded in 1986 generics and API formula manufacturers. The company has grown from antibiotics to diversified product range anti-allergy which has an in more than 130 countries and territories worldwide presence.

4 | particle India Ltd

Corporate Office – Hyderabad India to establish – 1994 |

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Particles are the premier pharmaceutical brand since 1994 has been one from Hyderabad. The company produces finished dosage (FD) active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and pharmaceutical preparations intermediates (PFI) in more than 50 countries and has a global presence.

5 | Suven Life Sciences Ltd

Corporate Office – Hyderabad India to establish – 1989 |

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This is a BSE and NSE listed company founded in 1989 the top in Hyderabad India pharmaceutical companies in India in 1000 to keep the best wealth ranks.

6 | AMRI India Private Limited

Corporate Office – Maharashtra Aurangabad the establishment – 1991 |

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AMRI India is an API and intermediates producer manufacturer has established its first factory in Aurangabad India and set up a research and development center in Hyderabad. They have also in many other continents such as Europe Asia and North America.

7 | APC pharmaceutical and chemical

Corporate Office – Mumbai Maharashtra establishment – 1987 |

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A multinational pharmaceutical company in 1987 is to establish a business with strong ties with the world giants API manufacturers. It is the production of pharmaceutical products such as Sandoz AOSHENG and the sea is medicine’s leading enterprises including global leader Novartis.

8 | Lonza India Pvt Ltd

Corporate Office – Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh establishment – 1897 |

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Lonza is the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies in the world life science products with strong market share. The company offers a variety of cells found molecular biology disinfectants and chemicals including API and pesticide intermediates.

9 | BioGenex Life Sciences Pvt Ltd

Corporate Office – Bangalore Karnataka establishment – 1981 |

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BioGenex Life Sciences Technology Inc. is a leader in molecular pathology cell and tissue tests and provides a complete solution. It was founded in 1981 and headquartered in the United States has been in operation more than 40 countries worldwide.

10 | PAREXEL International India Private Limited

Corporate Office – Boston United States to establish – 1982 |

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PAREXEL is a leading medical consulting and research firm has more than 15000 employees and nearly 50 countries around the world. It provides consultancy services medical, pharma companies in Hyderabad and biotechnology industries.


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