Soon JustDial is an Internet company and are they worry about it?

Call JustDial is on Internet and this company will be controversial. But it will not be long.

In April the stock market listed company served nearly 36.4 billion of search requests of which 182.6bn and 419bn people from the Internet search and mobile Internet. They have received more than 13.9 billion voice search by the company received and a total of 0.9mn SMS search.

Internet and mobile compared to last year’s 54-62% of the total search request. Just dial the main source of income payment activities through advertising which is compared with the same period last year and increased by 21%. Business listing services more than 200000 paid advertising in a year to run.

March 2013 for the year ended Justdial revenue rose 36 percent to 376.3 rupees CR a year earlier. The company reported a profit of 68.4 rupees CR with 35% growth over last year.


At the global Internet searches where Google is king. But it should Justdial makes worried? Not yet. But cannot say forever Google also provides a local business services many companies are now listed on Google Maps. For example if you search for a plumber in Bangalore JustDial pay for advertising first and then a bunch of listings on Google Maps. After that came to JustDial listing (may require the user to scroll). Google’s list of quality compared to JustDial is debatable.

Over the years JustDial has become the go to destination and other queries and enterprises have a considerable number of clues from JustDial listed. This gives them an incentive to continue to pay JustDial and keeping their information updated on the website. JustDial in favor of the real work is that it has become a destination site itself. This is not surprising if the majority of people who use Internet search for local services as long as dialed directly to Google’s miss.


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